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In a highly volatile market environment, we make smart moves with adept business models to create core business value for our customers & suppliers.

We create balance in oil market by channelizing energy products where they are most needed to enhance time, space, and transport values.


We are a prominent global player in Crude Oil & Refined Petroleum products market.


We trade in various types of crude such as light, medium & heavy crude oil from various global markets.



We deal with Light Distillates such as Naphtha, Gasoline, LPG; Middle Distillates like Gas Oil, Aviation Fuel, Jet Fuel, Superior Kerosene and Heavy Bottoms such as LSFO, LSHS, Bitumen, etc.



 Strategic Partnership

Our business model flourishes based on strategic partnership with key global energy operators.

Market Segmentation

We originate product sourcing from various market segments such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Asia and South East Asia.

Long Term Partnership

Our ambition is to grow organically driven by long term trade arrangements with our counterparties.

 Support & Collaboration

We attribute our successful transnational business operations to continued support & collaboration with our business partners.

Intelligent Pricing 


  • We assist our trading partners with optimal pricing solutions backed by sound market intelligence & price modelling.


  • Favorable pricing terms for long term strategic deals are extended to accomplish commercial value creation.


  • We support our counterparties with alternate pricing options including extended terms.

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