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Los trabajadores de la planta de gas

KMC Energy Trading is an energy trading firm, based out in United Arab Emirates, with extensive international experience in oil, electricity, and commodities trading.

Trabajadores de cuello azul

Who we are

Our experts come from a wide variety of countries and provide us with a unique, fast paced culture that has fueled our growth in recent years significantly.

As part of a group of companies with business activities in diverse sectors, give us an added advantage to capitalize on our in-depth knowledge of what and how the markets move therefore providing us with the key information to make informed decisions.

Image by ALE SAT

What we do

We provide end-to-end services to our customers from crude oil origination, handling storage, organizing transportation, pro-active risk management, facilitating commodity financing to reverse trading of refined products. In short, our holistic service approach to commodity trading is driven by our business ideology of value creation to our stakeholders and society at large.

Our vision

  • Become a world-renowned energy trading powerhouse creating economic value to our stakeholders.

  • Evolve as a trusted business partner, respected for compliance & ethical principles.

Our mission

  • Strike a balance between demand & supply through efficient global energy supply chain with minimum risks.

  • Create efficient markets & provide strategic sustainable supply options to counterparties.

  • Adopt prudent strategies for secured trading to overcome market volatility.

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